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EVOLVE Mental Health Apparel was created in the hopes of spreading awareness of mental health and mental illness. We hope by wearing our apparel you will be able to express your emotions, your thoughts, and your support to help end the stigma. You are not alone & your story isn't over; keep moving forward.

Our online shop offers a growing collection of unisex apparel for women and men, and there are youth t-shirts. With your support, we are able to donate 10% of each purchase towards a number of different mental health foundations that we support. Click below to check out the foundations you can support by donating or by educating yourself further on mental health.


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What EVOLVE is getting up to:

November 27-December 3 you can find 'Evolve Mental Health Apparel' on the 'Stress-Free Christmas Market' via Facebook' or the link below.

Pop Up Shop is now located at 'Campbell McLennan Chrysler Dealership' in Killam, Alberta