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"I now have a couple sweaters from Evolve and love them both! (It's Okay Not to be Okay; Make Space) They have such great messages and have sparked conversations with others! I received great service and I am impressed by this small company making strides to make mental health awareness and conversations a part of our lives, and helping to removing the stigma. And to donate to worthy mental health foundations makes it even better. Thank you!"

— Kim K

"I love my “grow positive thoughts” sweater! It is so comfortable & I love the message getting across about mental health. It also feels great to support a great local business!"

— Jasmyn B

"I ordered 3 t-shirts and I am so happy with the quality of the shirts and designs. I love that this business supports mental health and I am happy to help spread a message of awareness for mental health. I will definitely be buying more!"

— Cassie D

"I haven’t received my sweater yet but I have tried it on and talked to the amazing owner of this wonderful company, the material and price are awesome, and the designs I don’t even have words for, I deal with a lot of mental health issues and not only are these a reminder to me of why to keep fighting but they are a reminder to everyone that walks by that may be going through an invisible struggle. The owner is absolutely amazing and has really put so much care and love into this company and it truly shows. If you can please support this company and its owner in any way you can! Thank thank you for everything you are doing, it means so much to me and many others"

— Naia W

"Awesome shirts with even better designs! Love this business and what Mackenzie is doing with it!"

— Jacob B

"Absolutely love both the sweaters I bought 😍 very comfortable and fit great! 10/10 would recommend!!!"

— Maddie P

"I want to give a huge shout out to Mackenzie! Her customer service is incredible. She was able to help me find the perfect products and sizes that I was looking for, and my order was fulfilled promptly. Mackenzie is passionate about her work and about promoting awareness of mental health and wellness! Will definitely shop here again!"

— Tamara S

"Mackenzie is so passionate. And one of the sweetest local biz owners. Her passion for mental health awareness and fundraising shows through her beautiful products. Keep shining girl!!"

— Izzy C

"Love my tshirts!!! Great quality fabric with meaningful images!"

— Colleen L

"Love your concept. Raising awareness for mental health with some awesome swag"

— Jeff L

"I love everyone so much!...It feels like I'm wearing a fuzzy blanket. I'm obsessed with everything."

— Brooke C